Pan Reliance Capital Advisors

Pan Reliance Capital Advisors is an investment manager dedicated to providing alternative investments to high net worth individuals, families and institutional clients.

We offer our clients alternative investment management services that include discretionary management, investment advice and investment funds.  Within alternative investments we focus on hedge funds and private equity.

Certain investment professionals have been advising and operating alternative investment portfolios since 1991, with a demonstrated focus on capital preservation.  We select the best managers, we manage commingled investment vehicles and we also develop made-to-measure solutions for our clients.

We pride ourselves on being a boutique' providing personalized service from an experienced team of investment professionals.

Pan Reliance is an independent, privately-owned firm.  Our independence is central to our investment process as it guarantees decision making that serves only the needs and goals of our clients, without conflict of interest. 

We are registered as an Investment Advisor with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission and principals of Pan Reliance are also owners of Capital Guardian Holdings LLC, a boutique wealth management firm based in Miami.

Winner of the International Hedge Fund Awards
2013 Fund of Hedge Funds Adviser of the Year, New York